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Crone Rising


Join fourteen women as they discuss influential moments from their lives.


Patti Lee's creative non-fiction piece Inadvertent Life Lessons, based on her award-winning essay by the same name, is part of the Crone Rising anthology by Jazz House Publications.


"What happens in this house stays in this house was the mantra I grew up with...It’s these inadvertent life lessons that shape who you not only want to be, but sometimes, more importantly, who you don’t"


These personal stories are testaments to the strength and character of the incredible women whose words remind us that life is both beautiful and challenging.


Spanning the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, each story is a complex and emotional journey.

Crone Rising is part of Jazz House Publications' Guiding Voices nonfiction series of empowering stories told by the voices who were there.

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Of Cottages and Cauldrons


Stories contributed by 10 authors include cozy autumn tales as well as lite and dark horror to help welcome the season.

Patti Lee's short story, The Ward House, is included in the Of Cottages and Cauldrons autumn anthology by Jazz House Publications.


Spread across three themes, the anthology explores autumn much as the season itself unfolds. There are modern-day stories and magical stories telling cozy tales of autumn life. Lite-horror stories explore the haunted mood of autumn. Dark horror stories delve into the monstrous, playing on the supernatural and dreadful tales we expect as the world becomes gray and skeletal in preparation of winter’s grave grip.


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Also available on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Angus and Robertson

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